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Welcome to Chandail

Our goal is to offer many outstanding classes and workshops with awesome national teachers and highly creative series!
Please browse through them all!

Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon.

 We offer a monthly trunk show with a 20% discount on all trunk show canvases.

 Maggie Trunk Show

20% discount on trunk show canvases.

Please see our Trunk Show page to see more photos.


We are building our 2015 Workshop Calendar!
Just in time for Easter!
Floral Egg and Easter House

May 30 - June 1
Barbara Elmore
An exceptional Project & Sparkles combination class.

June 28th & 29th
Julia Snyder
Beautiful Bargello Project
& Embellishment Class.

August 7-8 & 9-10
Meredith Willet
Inspiring 'MBellishment Classes!
Canvas must be in-hand at Chandail before 6/15.

August 30-31 
Kathy Kulesza 
Dazzling Snow Lady & Snow Man. 

Sep. 13-14, Oct 11-12
Janet Zickler Casey
Peter Pumpkinhead.

One Sunday a Month
Stitch-In with Saira

Next Class:  Sunday, 4/27 
Call and sign up! Read details.