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Chandail Needlework
2400 Mid Ln #340
Houston, TX 77027
(713)524-6942/(832) 209-6567


New Accessories and Exclusive Accessories


Laying Tools by Luis Nunez
Your favorite metal laying tool is crowned with gorgeous crystal and pearl beads. They fit comfortably in hand and with their sharp tips, your threads will lay smoothly.

Chatelaines by Victoria Whitson

Chatelaines with necklaces of beautiful crystal beads, needle threader and pretty ring to hold your readers. Now you'll be able to find your threader and glasses with ease!

Our fantastic Chandail bags have just arrived! From small to large our heavy duty zippered clear bags are great to see what's inside easily.  
Our newest style comes in larger sizes and has an attached front zippered bag where you can store your threads safely.
Not just for needlepoint, these bags are great anywhere you need a tote or storage bag!



Accessory Bags



New Totes!


Chandail's EXCLUSIVE Super Magnet!

Our super magnet, in the shape of United States, is filled with sparkling red, clear and blue crystals. 
 Approximately 2" x 1.5".  Strong enough to hold scissors and a laying tool!

 So good you'll want more than one!

Chandail's Stitching Tool Bag

This little bag holds your stitching tools with ease.  Space is left to put in your favorite hand lotion or other extras.

Build an Amazing Stitching Station with a System 4 Stand and a Z-Light!

Add the System 4 light and magnification holder and the special mount from Z-light to your System 4 needlepoint stand and have an amazingly portable and perfectly lit stitching station at home and on the go!
A Chandail favorite!  

(Z-Lights sold separately, scroll down to see them!)

Z-Light: A Needlepointer's Dream Lamp!
Available in 8 colors:  Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Black, White and Turquoise!
Lightweight with an extendable arm that folds easily to fit into your needlepoint tote.  So light it can be carried in 
a handbag!

New Dovo Scissors!




Examples of our new Magnets




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