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Chandail Needlework
2400 Mid Ln #340
Houston, TX 77027
(713)524-6942/(832) 209-6567



January Market Time!

Market runs Sunday and Monday 1/26 and 1/27.

Receive a 20% discount on canvases purchased during market days!

To order, text Saira (832-209-6567) with your name, address, contact number, credit card details and your canvas selections or text for a call back!

We can't correspond via email during Market.  Please text rather than leave a voicemail.

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Moth in the Garden

8x 7″, 18M

Vertical Patterns Lg. Heart
4.75 x 4", 18M

Blue Bird Madonna
5.5 x 10", 18M



Marigold Skull
9 x 10", 18M

Plaid/Coin Dot/Stripes Heart

3.5 x 3", 18M

Horizontal Patterns Blue Pink Mini Heart
2.75 x 2", 18M

Harlequin Checks Flowers Blue Pink Mini Heart
2.75x 2", 18M 

Horizontal Patterns Heart
3.5 x 3", 18M

Pink Patterns Heart
3.5 x 3",  18M

Vertical Checks and Dots Large Heart
4.75 x 4", 18M

Christmas Wishes, Girl Stocking
11x19", 18M

Our First Hanukkah/Christmas in our new house
with house and key

Our First Christmas/Hanukkah Rounds


Caution Hot Cocoa
3 x 4", 18M

G's and Stripes Gray/Blue  Bitsy Flat

4.5 x 3.25", 18M


No Parking Witches Brooms
3 x 4", 18M

Caution Witches Brew
3 x 4", 18M

Share the Road
4 x 4", 18M

Slow Ghosts at Play
3 x 4", 18

Stitching Safe Space

Designer Bag
Call for details

Baby's First Louis Onesie, Pink
4 x 10.25", 18 M

Baby's First Tiffany Onesie
4 x 10.25", 18M

Irish March
18.5" x 8", 18M

Santa Weather Vane Stand-Up

Cardinal Angel Stocking Cuff
8 x 11", 18M

Angel with Wreath Stocking Cuff
8 x 11", 18M

Easter Basket Spring Egg
5 x 4", 18M

Easter Carrot Garden Egg
3.25" x 2.5", 18M


Spring Tulip Parade Easter Egg
3.25" x 2.5", 18M


Puerto Rico Ornament
4.25" Round - 18 Mesh

10″ x 12.5 ", 18M

Still Life with Rainbow
8.25″ x 15.5″







Fancy Santa Double Sided
Melissa Shirley
7 x 10", 18M
























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Ann Fisher