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Chandail Needlework
2400 Mid Ln #340
Houston, TX 77027
(713)524-6942/(832) 209-6567


New Canvases

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Butterfly Beauty

Queen Bee Collage

Golf Carts Belt

Judaic Birth Announcement

Baby's First Gucci 20___   Baby's First Louis 20____


Santa Poodle Ornament

Bunny in Blue Frame

Bunny in Pink Frame


Happy Spring Bunny Train 


 Floral Tiles


Peter Rabbit

Flower Cart

Flower  Barrel


 5×6", 18M


Lady Liberty Ornament


American Eagle


LSU Ornament

LSU Tigers



I Love You to the Moon and Back


Moon Shaped Ornament with a Traditional Santa

Shh Baby Sleeping



Christmas Village and the Moon

Rosy Santa Ornament


Village Harvest

Snowman Sock

Santa Swirl Ornament


Pineapple Tile


Three Pineapples





Terra Cotta with Yellow Flowers
3.25 x 4.5", 18M




Heart of Texas

Picking Wildflowers

Crushing Grapes



Berry Tart

French Curl Napoleon

Height 10" , 18 M


Autumn/Fall Finial
8.5" Tall


Lovely Lizard
Maggie is sending us her newest canvas early!
Call right away to be the first to receive this fantastic canvas.  
Think of all the stitches and embellishments you can use!
 Note:  Limited Quantity.

12 X 9", 18 mesh

Merry Catmas!
12.5 X 6.5 on 18 Mesh

Keeping You Safe!
4" in diameter, 18 m

Ice Skates
4" in diameter, 18M

Durer Rabbit


Terrier in Tub
10 x 10", 18m

Ming Vase 

Ming Vase
Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful Lady

11 x 11", 18m.

Double Sided Eyeglass Case
Lady and Flowers

Double Sided Eyeglass Case

Double Sided Eyeglass Case
Flamingos and Flowers

Double Sided Eyeglass Case
  Pink Flowers

Butterfly Flower
5 x 6", 18M

9 x 12", 18M

Kim and Lou

Texas Boot


Lily Madonna Round
5.5", 18M.

Watermelon Madonna
5.5", 18M

Texas Flag with Bluebonnets Ornament


State of Texas with Flag Ornament



Presents, Snowman and Holly Candy Canes
2.25 x 6", 18M



Mary in Prayer Mini Sock

Forest Santa Mini Sock

4.5 x 5.5", 18M

Santa Ornament and Snowmen Ornament

White Picket Fence Floral


Lily Madonna

5.5 x 10", 18M

Strawflower Madonna
5.5 x 10", 18M

Winter Madonna
5.5 x 10", 18M.

Pink Santa Dome
6 x 10", 18M.

White Petal Floral

Enjoy the Journey

Three Goldfish
 7 x 7", 18M

One Goldfish
 7 x 7",  18M

Pink Santa Face Ornament
3.5 x 5.25", 18M.

Red Santa Face Ornament
3.5 x 5.25", 18M.

Ho3 Toilet Paper
6 x 4", 18M.

2020 Toilet Paper
5.5 x 2", 18M.

Oy Vey Toilet Paper
7.25 x 3.5", 18M.

Texas Round
4.5" round, 18M

California Round
4.5" round, 18M

Kansas Round
4.5" round, 18M

Blue Flower Round
4.5" round, 18M

3" Round, 18m


Peggy Needs a Haircut
 7  x  10 1/2" , 18M

Who's There
9 1/2 x 15 1/4", 18M

Night Sky

Little Boy Dreaming
13 x 23"

Nativity under Tree
13 x 23"

Lighting the Tree
13 x 23"

Blue Herend Bunny

Forest Friends Santa
~11 x 19", 18 m

Cranes on Navy Kimono 

Valentine Girl
4 x 8.5", 18m

Baby's First Christmas Angel
5.25 x 4.5", 18m

Mauve Angel Stocking Cuff
~8 x 11", 18M

Golden Angel Stocking Cuff
~8 x 11", 18M

2" Leather Key Fob for 1.25" Canvas Inserts

Key Ring Inserts
1.25" Round, 18m


Red Bird Santa Cuff
11 x 8"

3.25" square on 18 mesh.



Fancy Hearts 
4 x 4", 18m. Stitch guide included. 




Resting Raccoon

Beautiful Rhino

Putting on the Cherry

Poppy on Bright Green

Hamsa Multi Colored with Dove

Hamsa with Two Doves

Cardinal Angel Stocking Cuff
8 x 11", 18M

Brown and Coral Insert
to fit our Wood Jewelry or Accessory Box

Green Collage Insert
to fit our new Wood Jewelry or Accessory Box

Judaic Basket
 8.25 X 18",   Finished Basket : 8.5 x 8 x 8".

Tri-Colored Star of David
4.5 x 5", 18m.

Tree of Life Round
4.5" diameter, 18m.

Jerusalem Hamsa

4 x 5.25", 18m

Santa Spaniel

The Gang
10 x 10.75", 18M

Holiday Cardinal Family

Ladies at the Beach

Ladies Backpacking

Colorful Bird and Flowers

Birds with Yellow and Black Flowers

Colorful Birds and Flowers on Black

Chanel Heart Lidded Gift Box
Hardware included to finish

Climbing Flowers on Aqua Lidded Gift Box
Hardware Included

Heart Strings

Little Dinosaur Train Birth Announcement

Herend Bunny

Pool Time Bathing Beauty Pillow

10.5 X 12", 18M


Houston Astros Pillow
Call for size

Beach-time Golden Pillow
7 x 9.25", 18M


Snow Skiing Golden Ornament
4 x 5", 18M

6" Round, 18M

On His Way
6" Round, 18M

Imari with Waves
10" Diameter, 18M

Imari Ball
10" diameter, 18M

Golfer Nutcracker
~7" high, 18M

Band Major  Nutcracker
~7" high, 18M

Snowflake Santa, 2 sided

Reindeer Coat Santa, 2 sided

Imari Jewel Cases
4.75 x 2.5", 18M

Little Princess Birth Announcement or Wording Window

Winking Santa Stocking
17", 18m

Santa with Zig Zag Vest Stocking

Ladies at the Lake

Floral on Black

Tallis Bag in Pastels

Tallis Bag  in Yellow and Blue

Girl in Boat with Fish
18 x 18"


Starfish Mermaid
6 1/4 x 7", 18m



Taking Home the Tree

Purple Lemon Drop Ornament
4 x 5", 18M

Lavender Onion Ornament with Guide
4.5 x 5.5", 18M


Tomato Turbin Ornament
4 x 5", 18M


Bunny with Flower Carrot
1 1/4 x 5 1/4", 18M



Moth in the Garden

8x 7″, 18M




US Navy Candy Cane
2  7/8 x 5 1/2", 18m





15.5″ x 16″, 18M

10″ x 12.5 ", 18M

Still Life with Rainbow
8.25″ x 15.5″



Red Tulip Collage
call for details

Wine and Cheese Collage
15 x 15"  18m

Music Collage

Rust Red Collage
Call for size

Flowers and Ribbons Collage

Pink Bud Collage
15 x 15",

Lady in Black Collage

The Bath

Trumpet Oval
5" Tall, 18m

Violin Oval
5" Tall

Topiary Oval
5" Tall, 18M

Snowman Oval
5"Tall, 18m

Santa Tree
4 x 4", 18m

Woodland Santa-Cardinals
4.5 x 4.5, 18m



Tree with Gold Hems
4 x  4", 18m

Tree with Leaves
4 x 4", 18m

Tree with Swirls
4 x 4", 18m




Marigold Skull
9 x 10", 18m

Blue Bird Madonna
5.5 x 10", 18M


Vertical Patterns Lg. Heart
4.75 x 4", 18M

Plaid/Coin Dot/Stripes Heart
3.5 x 3", 18M

Horizontal Patterns Blue Pink Mini Heart
2.75 x 2", 18M

Harlequin Checks Flowers Blue Pink Mini Heart
2.75x 2", 18M 

Horizontal Patterns Heart
3.5 x 3", 18M

Pink Patterns Heart
3.5 x 3",  18M

Vertical Checks and Dots Large Heart
4.75 x 4", 18M

Our First Hanukkah/Christmas in our new house
with house and key

Our First Christmas/Hanukkah Rounds


Caution Hot Cocoa
3 x 4", 18M

G's and Stripes Gray/Blue  Bitsy Flat
4.5 x 3.25", 18M


No Parking Witches Brooms
3 x 4", 18M

Caution Witches Brew
3 x 4", 18M

Share the Road
4 x 4", 18M

Slow Ghosts at Play
3 x 4", 18

Stitching Safe Space

Designer Bag
Call for details

Baby's First Louis Onesie, Pink
4 x 10.25", 18 M

Baby's First Tiffany Onesie
4 x 10.25", 18M

Christmas Wishes, Girl Stocking

11x19", 18M

Easter Basket Spring Egg
5 x 4", 18M

Spring Tulip Parade Easter Egg
3.25" x 2.5", 18M

Easter Carrot Garden Egg
3.25" x 2.5", 18M


Puerto Rico Ornament
4.25" Round - 18 Mesh

Irish March
18.5" x 8", 18M

Santa Weather Vane Stand-Up

Angel with Wreath Stocking Cuff
8 x 11", 18M