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Chandail Needlework
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Houston, TX 77027
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Ongoing Series

Our past series are ongoing and are available as a series or, in most cases, individually. 
Individual Kits can be found under Fully Kitted Projects.
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Jewish Family (Series of Seven)
Tis the Season To Be Jolly (Series of Six)
Hobby Gnomes (Available as a series or individually)
Just Because Gift Bags (Available as a series or individually)

Stitching Witches  (Available as series or individually)
Day of the Dead Cats  (Available as a series or individually)
Witch Hat Series 
 Little Halloween Witch Socks  (Available as a series or individually) 
Miniature Christmas Socks  (Available as a series or individually)

Poison Bottles
Halloween Lollipops
Halloween Candy Canes
Halloween Village



 Please Note for Series:  A deposit is required to sign-up for a series and will be applied to the final kit.  The deposit is non-refundable. 

Jewish Family

A fun, happy display for the entire year!  
The seven piece series includes a beautiful snow covered house and six adorable family members.  Familiar stitches are incorporated but you will learn many new techniques and stitch patterns.   
 The step by step stitch guides are clear and descriptive and include many photos.
Stitched by Kathy Kulesza and stitch guides by Cindy Howland.

Kit 1: Rabbi
Kit 2: Grandmother
Kit 3: Father
Kit 4: House
Kit 5:  Mother
Kit 6:  Son
Kit 7:  Daughter 

Tis the Season To Be Jolly!

Mrs. Santa, Santa's Elf, Christmas Tree, Gift filled Sleigh, Rudolf and Santa stand-ups fit on go-carts that spell out Tis the Season To be Jolly!  Go-carts are included in the kits.  A spectacular display for your holiday decor, especially on a fireplace mantel or buffet!  Painted by Brenda Stofft and originally designed as an exclusive for Chandail.
Stitched by Kathy Kulesza or Cindy Howland.
Stitch Guides by Cindy Howland.
We have a limited number of go-carts!


Hobby Gnomes!

Available as a series or as individual kits.  Choose your favorite hobbies and display the matching gnome!  Absolutely adorable and fun to stitch!  Designed by Raymond Crawford as an exclusive for Chandail.  Stitch guided by Cindy Howland and Kathy Kulesza.

Available individually as fully kitted projects!
The Stitcher The Gardener The Shopper
The Gourmet The Knitter The Reader
  Kit 7: The Gatekeeper  

Just Because Gift Bags!
Cherished as a gift, a work of art and as a container for very special gifts. 
The six different styles are stitched on 4 sides and a base to replicate a gift bag.  The bags are just the right size to hold jewelry, small needlepoint accessories, wrapped candy, cash, keys and more!  Or they can hang as ornaments for a beautiful decoration. They are stitched using brilliant colors and threads, crystals and beads.
 Finished sizes average 3" by 3". 



Stitching Witches!
Beautiful stitches, techniques and embellishments bring out each witches' bewitching personality!  

Stitched by Kathy Kulesza with stitch guide by Cindy Howland.

Day of the Dead Cats

Chandail's cat faces are stitched with new and fabulous fibers, ribbons, Swarovski crystals and many other unique embellishments.  Fast and fun and available individually!
Painted by Brenda Stofft and stitch guided by Kathy Kulesza and Cindy Howland.
Finish with Chandail's exclusive hand-made wooden stands for a one of a kind display.
See our Fully Kitted Projects page to see the cat faces individually.


Witch Hat Series

 Every witch needs an assortment of stylish hats! 
  Painted by Brenda Stofft and stitch guided by Cynthia Thomas.
Finish with a Chandail custom cauldron for a spectacular display.

Little Halloween Witch Socks    
 Six Halloween socks bedecked with sequins and beads.
Really small and perfect for an on-the-go project.

Miniature Christmas Socks
Six beautiful mini Christmas Elves' Socks.
Sparkling with crystals and beads and the newest fibers. So fast and fun to stitch!

Poison Bottles

 Each poison bottle is uniquely embellished with gorgeous stitch patterns.
Series 1 and 2 includes six bottles each per series. 
Series 3 includes four bottles as a complete set or individually as a fully kitted project.  


Twelve stunning crosses adorned with jewels and beads.
  We have a limited supply of crystals.  
Order yours soon!  


Halloween Lollipops!

A Perfect display for your Halloween decor! 

Halloween Candy Canes 

 Our eight Halloween Candy Canes are fast and fun-to-stitch.
Display them in your own cauldron or Halloween themed bowl!


Halloween Village 

Our Halloween Village Series includes 12 Halloween characters and 12 homes.  
Display your stunning work at Halloween or all through Fall!