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Current Series

Launching in March!  Chandail's Creche

Santa Bells

3-Dimensional Mini Houses

Chandail Homes

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Chandail's Creche

An Exclusive to Chandail series designed by Rebecca Wood.
Stitch designs by Kathy Kulesza, Cindy Howland and Saira Hiamelfarb.
Stitch Guides by Cindy Howland.

Eleven treasured figures and the manger scene make up our beautiful creche.  
Unique and timeless, our creche will be cherished for generations!
The first 20 sign ups will receive a beautiful gift!

   Kit 1   Kit 2 Kit 3

    Kit 4 Kit 5
  Kit 6 Kit 7

     Kit 8 Kit 9

                              Kit 10 Kit 11

Kit 12

Santa Bells

Available as a series or individually as fully kitted projects!

2016 Winter White Santa Bell

Stitched and Guide by Cindy Howland

2016 Wild Wood Santa Bell

Stitched and Guide by Cindy Howland

  2015 Santa Bells
 Available as fully Kitted Projects!

Wintergreen Santa Bell
Stitch Design and stitching by Kathy Kulesza
Guide by Cindy Howland

Peppermint Santa Bell
Stitch Design and stitching by Kathy Kulesza
Stitch Guide by Cindy Howland

Toy Maker Santa Bell
Stitch Design, stitching and guide by Cindy Howland

Forest Santa Bell with Bunny

Stitched by Kathy Kulesza
Stitch Design and Guide by Emily Pannier

Golden Santa Bell with Wreath
Stitched by Kathy Kulesza
Stitch Design and Guide by Emily Pannier

Also available Individually!  

Finished Examples:

Backside Finishing.

3-Dimensional Mini Houses

Build a village stitching your favorite houses!  These adorable 3-D houses are stitched and guided beautifully by Jan Wilkens.

Don't forget to check out our coordinating 3-D Mini Halloween House Chandail Project.

3-D Mini Valentine House

3-D Mini Easter House

3-D Mini Hanukkah House (exclusive to Chandail)

Don't forget to check out Chandail's Project Class with the newest 3-D Mini Halloween House.  A perfect addition to your collection!

Chandail Homes

Finish as we have into a house shaped frame!
Fabulously stitched and guided by Patricia Sone.
Choose them all for a unique display or choose your favorites.

Christmas Home

Halloween Home

Fourth of July Home

 Valentine Home



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