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Stitch of the Month

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April, 2017

Turn canvas or diagram 1/4 turn for a directional change and use for beautiful clothing in silks for the purple, beads for the yellow dots and a metallic for the green. Landscapes in this pattern would be fantastic in Impressions or Pepper Pot for the purple and a soft metallic such as Petite Silk Lame or silk floss for the green.  The bead could be ignored in this case and a tent stitch in a different fiber or color could be used to replace it, or leave it unstitched to allow the painting to show through!

March, 2017 Stitch of the Month

A great stitch for backgrounds using silk floss or a size 8 perle cotton or Trebizond.  Use a metallic for the Smyrnas or consider using a sequin and bead or a size 11 bead or pearl in place of the Smyrnas.  This pattern would also work well for clothing, roofs, snow and many other places!

February, 2017 Stitch of the Month

This pattern on the top part of the diagram would make a beautiful sky especially in a very lightweight metallic or single or double strand of silk.  Because of it's sheerness it would also work for areas where the painted shading would show such as in fabrics like curtains and tablecloths and some clothing.  To add weight to the pattern include beads or sequins where the blue dots are shown or long straight stitches shown with vertical and horizontal yellow lines.  These would make beautiful patterns for clothing as well.

January, 2017

A pattern perfect for coats, backgrounds, mountains and sky that offers a number of center motif choices.  Use silk floss for the pink and a ribbon such as a 1/16" Kreinik ribbon or Neon Rays for the over 2,4,2 vertical yellow motif.  Use Neon Rays or silk floss for the pink and a lightweight metallic for the cross stitched and eyelet center motifs. Or use a single size 11 bead in the center or a sequin with a bead. Another option for a heavier look would be to use a single stranded thread such as Vineyard Silk Classic or Watercolours for the pink and a coordinating thread or bead choice for the center motifs.

December, 2016

December's pattern works well with a silk floss for the red and a lightweight metallic for the green.  A great small bargello pattern for clothing, rooftops, sky and water.  Consider replacing the green tied cross with two beads or leaving it blank as shown.

 November, 2016 

The Beaty pattern can be worked in two ways as shown.  This pattern works beautifully on anything needed for a vertical look.  Or turn the pattern 1/4 turn and work the stitches horizontally for a wonderful roof, ground or snow pattern. The diagonal version and it's mirror image work well for clothing.  Choose one silk for the pattern shown in two colors for diagramming purposes only.  However; two colors of silk or two different threads could be used depending on desired effect.

October Stitch of the Month

Perfect for a coat or background.  
Substitute the sequin with a Smyrna or an eyelet or mosaic for a different look.
Or just fill squares with diagonal stitches for a less open look using a different floss color.
Use one color silk floss for the green and the light play will make it look like two!

September, 2016 Stitch of the Month

A great stitch for clothing and areas that need a beautiful sheen!
Use the same color for the red and the purple with 3 to 4 strands of a silk floss or Pepper Pot or Vineyard Classic.  Add Smyrna crosses in a size 8 weight metallic.
For a checkered look use two colors for the red and purple.
Don't forget to use a laying tool with stranded silk.

This stitch will work in rounded areas, as well. 
Consider using sequins attached with a bead instead of the Smyrnas.

August, 2016 Stitch of the Month

A great pattern with gentle movement.  Perfect for clothing or turn so pattern runs horizontally for water, sky or a background.  Use silk floss for the green lines and a medium weight metallic for the pink stitches.   Suggestion:  Ply up on silk floss whenever stitching straight stitches for better coverage.


 July, 2016 Stitch of the Month

Consider this stitch for mountains, greenery, roofs, houses even clothing. Turn diagram so it lays horizontally for sky, water or snow.
Use silk floss for the green and a Kreinik size 8 or 12 for the blue.  Use a size 4 metallic or Petite Silk Lame for the Smyrnas.

June, 2016 Stitch of the Month
A fantastic pattern when silk floss is used for the diagonal stitches.  The change in direction develops a two toned look even if the blue and purple diagonals are stitched in the same color.  Stitch the yellow dots as tent stitches with a metallic thread or attach beads.

May 2016 Stitch of the Month
A beautiful pattern for a sky, water, snow, backgrounds and clothing.  Consider using 2 strands silk floss or size 8 Perle Cotton for the green, a size 4 metallic for the pink and a size 14 bead for the yellow dots (or leave unstitched).  Turn pattern for a horizontal look.  

April, 2016 Stitch of the Month
Two patterns that are virtually the same (please note differences) that can be used together or separately to allow for a horizontal or vertical look with a diagonal flow.  Both can be mirror imaged.  
On the left side in red or the right side in yellow, choose a silk floss, Neon Rays, Trebizond, or Silk Lame.  Choose a metallic for the yellow and blue cross stitches.  Alternatively, replace cross stitches with two beads.  
Wonderful for clothing and backgrounds or those areas requiring a diagonal pattern.

March, 2016 Stitch of the Month

Start with horizontal foundation stitches using a size 12 metallic shown in green.  Next follow the pink using a silk floss, over dyed cotton floss or Trebizond.  Use a size 8 weight metallic, silk or perle cotton or Neon Rays for the yellow or replace the Smyrna cross with 4-5 beads or a sequin attached with a bead.  Lastly, use a very light weight thread for the blue such as a size 4 metallic, 2 strands Accentuate or Petite Silk Lame.  The single blue tent stitch could be replaced with a bead.

February, 2016 Stitch of the Month

Use 3 strands of silk floss, Trebizond or Silk Lame for a heavier look for the red or use a size 8 cotton or silk perle for a lighter weight appearance.   Use a size 8 metallic for the blue stitches and beads or French Knots for the yellow circles.
Another option would be to place sequins attached with a bead in place of the blue.
Turn diagram 1/4 turn for a vertical look.

January 2016 Stitch of the Month!

Use Silk or Cotton Floss for the blue adding a lightweight size 8 metallic for the pink crosses and a cotton or silk perle for the yellow crosses.
Or use a size 8 metallic for the blue, petite sparkle rays for the pink crosses and petite silk lame for the yellow crosses.
A lightweight silk or perle cotton would work well also for the blue.

Extra December 2015 Stitch of the Month!

Choose one of the four center motifs shown.  Use a silk floss, pepper pot or size 8 Perle cotton for the green, a mediumweight metallic for the gold crosses or diagonal stitches, a very light metallic or petite Silk Lame for the blue crosses.  Use a size 14 or 15 beads for blue dots and a size 2mm sequin attached with a bead shown as a yellow circle with a blue dot.
Back stitch around to form a diamond shape with a lightweight metallic or silk floss.  Back stitching is optional.

December 2015 Stitch of the Month

Choose a center motif!  Start with the blue diagonals using 3 strands of a silk floss, 1 strand Impressions or Size 8 Perle Cotton.  Use a metallic for the cross stitches. Smyrna cross, back stitched yellow straight lines and the diagonals over 1.  Use a sequin and bead for the yellow and blue dots and beads for the yellow dots.

November, 2015 Stitch of the Month

A great stitch for backgrounds, landscapes, clothing.   Use Silk Floss or Perle for the green, a metallic for the pink, beads for the gold dots and a sequin with a bead for the gold and pink dots.  A Smyrna cross or cross stitch can replace the sequin.

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